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This section is intended for foreign professional sellers opening a SuperBoutique on Rakuten-PriceMinister to sell their products. It aims to give foreign professionals a view of the main legal obligations binding a professional seller in France.

Note that it is not exhaustive and foreign professional sellers are strongly advised to consult with their lawyer in order to determine whether specific laws or regulations apply to their business.

Legal informations


In this section, you will find all the requirements to have a quality listing of your products on our platform.


Quality standards

Refurbished smartphones


What is Buybox?

  • In each product page, if multiple merchants sell the product, the one that has the Buybox will be displayed at the top section of the page.
  • For a seller to be eligible to Buybox, he must meet a mix of performance-based requirements including price competititiveness, shipping, claim rate or seller rating.
  • The more competitive your product are, in term of price and service, the more chances you have as a merchant to have the Buybox.

  • On the following picture:

    1) The Buybox

    2) 13 merchants are selling the product

    3) The other offers are displayed way under the Buybox

    Quality standards

    Picture criteria

    Optimized title

    • An optimized title « Type of Product + Brand + Reference or Characteristic» will help you to maximize your visibility.
    • Avoid long, redundant and messy titles. Example: A&D Silicone Case For Lg Optimus L5-2, Case for LG G5-2, E460, Black Silicon, Quality Accessory.
    • Avoid too short titles without brand and other references. Example: White washing machine.
    • Use capitals properly. Example, do not write: CONVERSE ALL STAR BLACK.


    • The EAN (European Article Numbering) is a bar code accompanied by an identification number of products consisting of 12 or 13 digits, it is crucial for the proper indexing of your products on Rakuten-PriceMinister and price comparison sites.
    • Using an unique references EAN is mandatory in your import files.
    • Do not create a new offer manually without verifying that an identical product does not already exist on Rakuten-PriceMinister.
    • If you don’t have EAN, the GS1 Company will establish a personalized quote to provide barcodes for each of your adverts.
    • The allocation of these EAN is not applicable on branded products (Converse , Nike, Levi's, Apple, Samsung ...) because they already have their own EAN.


    • Comment is visible on search and will increase your visibility. They are participating a lot to your conversion rate! They allow you to make users confident about you being professional.
    • Use correct French and mention the benefits that users will have from your product.
    • Include promotional information to increase conversion rate: Delivery speed (mandatory), Coupon, Free delivery, shipping methods, warranty, quality, customer service, credibility of your shop, etc).

    Brand Name

    • Brand name is mandatory on Rakuten-PriceMinister. It will help users to find products easily while searching.
    • If your products don’t have any brand we highly recommend to use « Marque Générique ». Generic brand will be shown in «Non précisé » category in search.

    Further information

    For further informations about the basics of selling on Rakuten-PriceMinister, please look at the seller’s guide book: [LINK]

    Refurbished smartphones

    On our platform, smartphones are one of our best-sellers. In orders to help you to sell more, and well, here are some tips.


    Different types of refurbished smartphones exist depending on their condition.

    Description and details

    In order to inform our customer and avoid claims, it is very important to specify all the important details in the comment:

    • It is mandatory to mention that the smartphone is refurbished,
    • Details of the smartphone: settings / version / language / tips to set the phone,
    • Country of dispatch and shipping time,
    • Warranty period,
    • Mention which accessories are included with the smartphone.

    Phone check-up (product quality)

    To make sure customers will be completely satisfied, it is important to check your product before shipping it. Here is some tips to help you:

    • Matching IMEI: you should check the IMEI on official website before shipping the phones,
    • All the accessories are included,
    • Make sure the phone is rebooted and fully reset before shipping it: customers complained many times to find some photos in the phone,
    • Condition of the phone: customers complain about dirty phones, please make sure the phone is in good condition and clean,
    • Shipment: please ship the phone in a box not only in an envelope, even if you don’t have the original one. Please get a generic one.

    In this section, you will learn how to put your products online on Rakuten-PriceMinister.

    There are 3 ways to upload products on our platform.







    It’s the easiest way to put a product online on Rakuten-PriceMinister.

    1. Click on « Mettre en vente ».
    2. Click on « Vendre un produit ».

    You have 2 options here:

    Option 1: List a product that already exists. Example: Iphone 8.

    Option 2: List a product that does not exist. Example: Your own homemade bracelets.

    List a product that already exists

    Let’s take "iPhone 6" as example.

    1. Type « iPhone 6 » in the field.
    2. When you found your product, click on « Vendre ce produit ».

    Then, fill the information:

    1. Price
    2. Product condition (« New », « As new », « Very good », « Good », « Decent », « Not working »)
    3. Quantity
    4. Item reference (here for a phone, IMEI)
    5. Product comment (country of shipping, expected delay for delivery, etc)
    6. Click on « Publier mon annonce » to validate

    List a product that does not exist

    1. Choose « Option 2 – Pas trouvé ? Ajoutez-le ! »
    2. Select the category and sub-category of your product
    3. Click on « Mise en vente» to continue

    On the next page, fill the fields:

    1. Title of the product
    2. Type of product (for phone accessory), it can be screen protector
    3. Manufacturer. If you don’t find it on the list, click on « Autre fabricant » and type the name of the manufacturer
    4. Here, type of device concerned (may not apply to other products)
    5. Kind of accessory (may not apply to other products)
    6. Manufacturer reference
    7. Retail price (don’t mistake with 11: your price)
    8. Description of the product (don’t mistake with 10: your personnal comment)
    9. Product condition
    10. Personnal comment of the listing
    11. Selling price (= your price)
    12. Quantity
    13. To enable buyer to physically pick up the product (do not check it if you’re a foreign merchant)
    14. « Mettre en vente » = validate

    Upload / modify images

    1. On your account, click on « Toutes mes annonces ».
    2. Choose the product you want, click on « Cliquez ici pour ajouter une photo » and follow the instructions on the next page.


    The principle here is using a CSV file with a list of products and uploading all of them in one time (instead of doing it manually, 1 by 1).

    Put online a lot of products that already exist on Rakuten-PriceMinister

    For example, you sell a lot of smartphones. Here is the process you should follow:

    1. Go to this page:
    2. Click on « Mise en vente rapide » and click on the logo under « Fichier ».

    Then, you need to correctly fill the file you just downloaded:

    1. In the tab « Modèle – Model », you will find all the instructions for putting the right information…
    2. In the tab « Votre fichier – Your file ». You will put here the info of the products you want to match.

    Let’s see a good and a bad example.

    Line 2 is right:

    • Barcoode is correctly set (13 characters)
    • Selling price is ok
    • Condition is respecting the instructions on the tab « Modèle – Model » (CN = « As new »)
    • SKU is ok

    Line 3 is all wrong:

    • Barcode does not respect the right format (not 13 characters)
    • Price is badly settled (it’s written « € »)
    • Condition does not respect the right format (it should not be written « NEW » but « N »)
    • No SKU

    Finally, save your file in the right extension: either « csv » or « txt » format.

    When your file is ready, you need to go to your account:

    1. Click on « Envoyer mes fichiers de stock ».
    2. Click on « Soumettre un nouveau fichier ».

    3. You have to choose 3 or 4:

    4. "Entrées / mise à jour d'annonces" means « updating your stock » = taking your stock and updating some data.
    5. "Ecrasement d'annonces means « updating your stock AND removing everything else » = by doing this, you erase all your stock and replace it with what is inside the file you submit.

    6. On the next (and last) page:

    7. Choose « Produit Neuf »
    8. Upload your file clicking on the button « Choisissez un fichier »
    9. Finish the process by clicking « Envoyer »

    Put online a lot of products that do not exist on Rakuten-PriceMinister

    This applies when you have a lot of products and you know they do not exist on our platform: for example, you only sell products from your own brand.

    In that case, you will need to follow these 3 steps:

    1: Prepare file - Download template

    1. First of all you need to download CSV file template.

      Click on this link:

    2. Choose your category (except « Mise en vente rapide »).

    1: Prepare file - Understand how to create

    Example: fashion template

    1. Please carefully read the tabs « Notice » and « Notice 2 » (French and English)
    2. « Listes valeurs-values » tab: when you create your file, you need to use values from here
    3. « Modèle – Model » tab: shows some example of good listing. Be aware some columns are mandatory (they have « * »)
    4. « Fichier – File » tab: this is the file you will upload.
      Please save only this sheet as a new CSV file before uploading.

    2: Check error - Check your file

    To check your file, use our File Validator:

    1. You can change the language (Google Translation) in the top right corner (English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, etc).

    2. Click on « Test File ».

    3. Upload your CSV file.

    4. Select the item category and click on « Preview ». For « options », choose as showed in the picture: « Yes », « Semicolon », « UTF-8 ».

    5. If there is no problem, proceed by clicking on « Analyze ».

    6. If the result is 100% and it is the first time you upload in this item category (here, first time we upload fashion products for our shop), click on « Demander la configuration de ce fichier ». Our back office will check and upload the new products for you.

    2: Check error - Modify error

    Application success and failed case

    How to read error report:

    1. Line
    2. Column
    3. Attribute
    4. Type of error

    « 1 Ligne » and « 2 Colonne » are location where you can find errors.

    Common errors:

    1. Line5 Column5: Type of sports is wrong. It has to be chosen from category template (Valeurs autorisées).
    2. Line5 Column8: EAN code is wrong. It must have 13 digits.
    3. Line5 Column28: Image URL is wrong. It has to start with http://.(not https).

    Major format errors (before analysis):

    Major format errors (after analysis):

    3: Upload - Upload to BO

    When your file is ready, you need to go to your account:

    1. Click on « Envoyer mes fichiers de stock ».
    2. Click on « Soumettre un nouveau fichier »

    3. Finally, save your file in the right extension: either « csv » or « txt » format.

      You have to choose 3 or 4:

    4. "Entrées / mise à jour d'annonces" means « updating your stock » = taking your stock and updating some data.
    5. "Ecrasement d'annonces means « updating your stock AND removing everything else » = by doing this, you erase all your stock and replace it with what is inside the file you submit.

    Put online a lot of products, some exist and some do not exist

    This applies when you have a lot of products to upload and you do not really know which ones exist on Rakuten-PriceMinister and which ones do not.

    Do the same process as the « You want to put online a lot of products that already exist » part. After finishing, the products in your list that do exist in our platform will be put online. For the ones that do not exist, you will receive a report. From that report, take the list of products and upload them through FileValidator ( using the « You want to put online a lot of products that do not exist » part.


    Our web service:

    Inquiry form: https://developer.priceminis

    Stock management

    These Web services enable the seller:

    • To query the Rakuten-PriceMinister catalog to get information about products and competing ads,
    • To import its stock,
    • Check the status of this import.

    New actions

    This set of Web services allows the vendor to automate or to interface with its information management new sales:

    • listing of new sales, confirmation / rejection of sales, etc.

    Sales acceptance post actions

    All of these Web services allows management articles and the relationship with the buyer after full confirmation of the sale:

    • Recovery of shipping elements of the order ,
    • Correspondace with the buyer (sending information about the shipment of the order, receiving questions from the buyer, etc),
    • Correspondance with Rakuten-PriceMinister,
    • Processing a claim.


    These Web services allow you to retrieve the list using WS and details of financial transactions to your Virtual Wallet.

    For your instance, we are working with Tongtool for father support.


    • Which method should I use to list my products?

    Manual is the longest but easiest way to upload products. We do not really recommend doing like this, or only if you have a very limited number of products or from time to time.

    CSV is a popular solution to upload products. You need to understand how it works and then it is rather easy.

    To use API, you need to have some specific knowledge about coding, or hire someone to do the work for you. It’s the more complex but more powerful tool to manage your catalog.

    • Should I create a new product page every time I want to upload an item?

    No! If the product already exists in our database (for example, an iPhone 6, 64GB, color Silver) you should put your item on that page. It is important for the quality of the listing on our website. If you create too many products that already exist, our quality team will delete your products and ask you to upload them again, at the right place.

    • What to do if my CSV file does not work on File Validator?

    On Step 4 of File Validator, you have a “download error file” button. Download, open the file and here, you will have the information about the problems.

    • I do not understand where I should put my file.

    You have basically 2 spots to put your file:

    1. In File Validator: use File Validator when it is the first time you want to upload products for a new item category (if you always sold phones and want to sell clothes for example).
    2. Use your Back Office (« Envoyer mes fichiers de stock » -> « Soumettre un nouveau fichier ») to upload products in categories where you already sold products (for example, you sell cellphones and you want to put new cellphones online).

    In this section, you will learn how to handle your sales (confirmation, shipping, tracking) and after sales (claims and how to avoid them.


    After sales - Claims



    Accepting sales

    • Each sale has to be validated. To do so, go to « Toutes mes ventes », click on the command number and on « Accepter la vente ».
    • Please validate your sales within 48h (24h is ideal).
    • If the article you just sold is unavailable, click on « cliquez ici si l’article n’est plus disponible ». Be aware that too many cancellations is harmful for your business.


    You will find the shipping address on « Toutes mes ventes », command number and « Bon de livraison ».

    • Be aware that by default, you don’t have access to your buyers mail address and phone number. The access to this data data requires your strict compliance with the « French Data Protection Act » (dated 6 January 1978 and Article Pro 2.4) of the Merchants terms and conditions.
    • When this is done, the information will be available at « Toutes mes ventes » - « Détail vente » - « Order number » - « Bon de livraison ».


    You are able to send the tracking number on « Toutes mes ventes », « N° article » and « Communiquer le numéro de suivi ».

    After sales - Claims

    Understanding claims

    • Claim rate and cancellation rate are very important criteria that always be checked before promoting sellers. The higher the claim rate and cancellation rate, the less chance you have to be promoted.
    • Not received claims are the most common claim in international sellers. Tracking numbers must be provided and parcels must be shipped within 2 days. Delivery time must be mentioned accurately in all articles comment. Answering buyer’s message faster will help you to receive good rating.
    • Always try to find a good solution for buyers without refunding. Also, you have torespect buyer’s request.
    • Sellers should check their claim rate frequently from their dashboard. If the claim rate exceed 8% your shop will be suspended. Average claims rate is around 3%.

    • Sellers can check claims from « Toutes mes ventes » in the left menu or claim link in the dashboard below. To check details of claim, Click on « N° article ».

    Claim types and how to avoid

    Handling claims

    Not received: No amicable phase (no interactions between buyer and seller) As soon as the claim is opened, the seller must confirm the shipment with all the useful information (tracking number if applicable, date of shipment). The seller has 3 days to reply. The seller will respond in a form with defined fields. Without any response, the transaction will be canceled. However, if a tracking number was provided before the claim opened, claim will be rejected and the tracking number will be resent to the buyer. If the package is blocked, the Client service team intervenes. For "Normal" shipments (without tracking number): if the seller confirms that the shipment took place on time, the buyer must confirm that he has not received the parcel.

    Damaged / Different: Amicable phase of 3 days (phase which the seller and the buyer communicate with each other without the intervention of the Client service team) If the seller does not respond to the buyer during the amicable phase, the Client service team requests him to reply via a form (with defined fields) the solution he wants to offer (exchange, refund, other ...). The seller may also choose to contest the claim and comment. If the seller replies to the buyer during the amicable phase but the buyer does not respond to the seller (we do not know if the seller's proposal suits him) Client service team will re-ask. He has 3 days to answer. Otherwise, the claim will be rejected. If the buyer and the seller interact without finding a solution, the Client service team requests the advice of the 2 via forms (with dedicated fields).

      1. To solve your issue, send an email directly to buyers using message window. It is available for 3 days. After, PriceMinister-Rakuten Client Service team will intervene and cut your communication with buyers.
      2. If the seller has not sent tracking number, « Communiquer le numéro de suivi » tool will be available even after 3 days.
      3. Contact Rakuten-PriceMinister to Refund the buyer or consult the situation through the link « Contacter Rakuten-PriceMinister ». Client service team will fully Refund the buyer.
      4. Cancel the order directly if you didn’t have the stock, through the link « Annuler la vente cet article ». Also you can use this link to Refund buyers if they wish to be refunded. This is the fastest option to refund.
      5. Offer a discount for only Damaged items through the link « Proposer un rabais ». Seller can offer up to 50% of purchase.
      6. Contact Rakuten-PriceMinister through the link inside the email they sent you. This option will be still available after 3 days passed. You can contact only to Client service team.
      7. New messages from buyers will be visible on the dashboard please check them frequently and answer them fast to avoid claims.

    Sellers can find order detail page easily changing the following link's order number.
    Link: .
    Replace 999999999 by the articles number.
    Basket/ Article number: 888888888 / 999999999
    Also, you should be logged into the right account.

    Returns and refunds

    • Customer satisfaction is the most important criteria for your shop. All Returns or Refunds must be handled smoothly.
    • Withdrawals will not be included in the claim rate. When buyers want to withdraw, you can refund by clicking on « Annuler la vente cet article » link in the order detail page.
    • All Refunds are done by Rakuten-PriceMinister’s Client service team.

    Return policy must be chosen when you onboard. One shop must have only one return policy.

      1. Give up articles and refund.
      2. Provide a return address in EU.
      3. Provide return label.

    Shipping cost for return must be paid by sellers for the return outside EU. Sellers should provide Prepaid Return label by email. Sellers can pay shipping fees to buyers’ Paypal account or to their bank account.

    Prepaid Return label: Seller can pay the shipping fee to a carrier company and provide the paid label to buyers by email to stick it on the package and ship without paying anything. Please check this option with your delivery company.

    Reactivate a suspended shop

    If a seller has high claim rate, cancellation rate or attempt to sell counterfeiting articles, his shop will be suspended and all payments will be blocked.

    Then the concerned seller has to send a Statement to Client service team or to their account manager to improve their Customer Service:

    • He should analyze their claims and find a realistic solutions to avoid further ones.
    • Solutions or improvements must be set up for each claim types.
    • Client service team will check the statement and set a target for claim rate and cancellation rate for the next 2 months. If the seller exceed this target, his account will be closed completely.
    • For counterfeiting, the seller has to sign a Legal form of counterfeiting in addition.


    Claim penalty: when sellers has high claim rate and high returns, Client service team will set a penalty of as equal amount as commission.
    Counterfeiting penalty: if Rakuten-PriceMinister detectd counterfeiting article, seller will be charged penalty of 100 euro, plus 20% from all sold stocks and all available stock.


    • How claims are handled on Rakuten-PriceMinister?

    If the claim is about a non-received item, there are only 2 possibilities:

    • You already provided a tracking number. In that case, the claim is automatically rejected.
    • You did not provide a tracking number. In that case, you will be asked to provide it.

    If the claim is about another topic, you will have 3 days to talk with your buyer to find a solution. If no solution is found, the Client service team will intervene.

    • What is an acceptable claim rate?

    Average claims rate is around 3%. If the claim rate exceeds 8% your shop will be suspended.

    • What are the different outcomes when a claim is accepted?

    You must choose your return policy when you unboard. Here are the 3 options given to you:

    • Give up the article(s) and refund the buyer
    • Provide a return address in EU. In that case, the buyer pays for the shipping to the warehouse.
    • Provide a prepaid return label. If you are not in Europe, you have to pay for the return shipping costs.

    • My shop has been suspended and I do not know why.

    First, you can check your emails. Our customer service has probably informed you about the closing of your shop (maybe the message is in French).

    Common reasons why shops are closed for foreign merchants are:

    • Too many claims = whatever the reason is, pay special attention to the reasons of your claims
    • The merchant do not confirm or provide tracking numbers for his sales = confirm your sales and provide tracking numbers as fast as possible.
    • Delivery is too long = indicate in all your comments the country and expected time for shipping.

    • In that case, you should send a statement to the Client Service. Look at the “Reactivate a suspended shop” for more information.

    In this section, you will understand everything about payments on Rakuten-PriceMinister (e-wallet, payment of your sales, etc).

    Important information


    Important information

    The bank account you set up during registration is for debit of your monthly subscription and promotion fees on Rakuten-PriceMinister. Some merchants are confused and think this account is for creditting the money for sales, which is not the case.

    Why is this information important?

    • The account you put for debit CAN NOT be from WorldFirst or Payoneer = you can not pay your monthly subscription to Rakuten-PriceMinister using WorldFirst or Payoneer.
    • You CAN put a WorldFirst or Payoneer account for credit = you can receive the money from your sales on a WorldFirst or Payoneer account.

    Activation of E-Wallet

    What is E-Wallet? (Mon Porte-Monnaie)

    • Mon Porte-Monnaie is the online E-Wallet where we transfer the money from your sales. With this money, you can buy on Rakuten-PriceMinister or transfer the money to a bank account. You can not pay monthly subscription and promotions fees from her.
    • Click on « Mon Porte-Monnaie » and set your birthday. This information is important as it will be requested for sales transfer and changing bank details for monthly subscription.

    Regular payment of sales

    Regular payment schedule: we transfer the money from your sales as follows:

    • For rated orders: every Monday and Thursday.
    • For unrated orders: the closest Monday or Thursday 20 days after validation of the order.

    1. Choose « Mon Porte-Monnaie »
    2. Click on the link « Demander un reversement »
    3. Choose « Enregistrer un reversement régulier uniquement par virement) »
    4. Set a minimum amount of money in your E-Wallet if needed
    5. Set your bank account
    6. Enter your birthday date and password

  • Punctual payment of sales

    1. Click on « Demander un reversement » in your E-Wallet
    2. Choose « Effectuer un reversement ponctuel »
    3. Set the amount you want to transfer under « Montant à reverser »
    4. Set your bank account
    5. Enter your birthday date and password

  • Feeding your E-wallet

    You can transfer money to you E-Wallet:

    1. Click on « Alimenter mon Porte-Monnaiee par virement bancaire »
    2. Set the amount you wish to transfer
    3. Check your bank account info and validate
    4. Print the transaction document and FAX to your bank
    5. Sign and sent the FAX to your bank

  • Changing bank account for Monthly subscription and Promotion fee

    If you want to set a credit car for debit, please follow the following instructions. It is especially appropriate if your debit account is WorldFirst or Payoneer:

    1. Click on « Expedition et package pro »
    2. Click on « espace de gestion de prélèvement »
    3. Click on « switch to card payment
    4. Print the transaction document and FAX to your bank
    5. Fill your card or bank information

  • Checking transaction details

    You can check all the details of your money transactions on Rakuten-PriceMinister:

    1. Click on « Mon Porte-Monnaie »
    2. Click on the links of the transactions
    3. Click on « Voir détails »
    4. Details will be shown as in the picture

  • Checking sales details

    You can check all the details regarding your sales:

    1. Click on « Toutes mes ventes »
    2. Click on « Export comptabilité »
    3. Set the time period and click on « Exporter »

  • FAQ

    • How am I paid for my sales?

    Most of the sellers choose automatic payment. For rated orders, the money is transferred to you every Monday and Thursday. For unrated orders, the money is transferred to you the closest Monday or Thursday 20 days after validation of the order.

    You also have the possibility to manually transfer money from your e-wallet to your bank account.

    • I have a Payoneer or WorldFirst account and I have been asked to change it, why?

    The bank account you set up during registration is for debit of your monthly subscription and promotion fees on Rakuten-PriceMinister. Some merchants are confused and think this account is for creditting the money for sales, which is not the case.

    This account (debit) CAN NOT be from WorldFirst or Payoneer. But of course, you can receive the money from your sales on a WorldFirst or Payoneer account. It is just 2 different information at 2 different places in your back office.

    In this section, we will explain to you our marketing tools and how to use them in a proper way to boost your sales on Rakuten-PriceMinister.

    Rakuten Tools

    Rakuten Super Bons Plans (RSBP)


    Rakuten Tools

    Rakuten Super Points (RSP)

    What is RSP? (Rakuten Super Points)

    • It is the Rakuten-PriceMinister's royalty program,
    • For the PriceClub members, Rakuten-PriceMinister finances 5% for PC and 7% for Mobile application. If a PriceClub member spends 100€, then he/she wil gain 5€ (or 7€) of RSP which can be used for future purchases.

    How does it work?

    • Every Wednesday, Rakuten-PriceMinister has operations where we increase the amount of RSP we finance (up to 20%).
    • As a seller, you can put RSP campaigns on your own shop. These RSP add up to our RSP. Example: if we finance 20% of Super Points, you propose 10% on your shop, and a buyer spends 100€, he will have in total 30€ to spend in his future purchases.

    Why use RSP?

    • To increase your conversion rate.
    • To acquire royal and loyal clients.
    • To increase average basket value.

    How to create a RSP campaign?

    • Access the RSP tool from your account: « Rakuten Super Points », log in and follow the instructions.

    Rakupon (coupons)

    What is a Rakupon?

    A Rakupon is simply a discount coupon. It can be available:

    • Without minimum purchase value (example: 5€ off everything)
    • With a minimum purchase (6€ off from 30€ purchases)

    Rakupons are visible:

    1. On your Super Boutique:

    2. On your product:

    3. On Rakuten Super Bons Plans (RSBP) page:

    Why use Rakupons?

    • To increase your average basket value

    Tips for effective Rakupons:

    • Minimum purchase value should not be too high compared to your average basket price. For example, if you average basket is around 30€, putting a coupon with 40€ minimum is accurate.
    • Discount rate should be between 15 and 20% for maximum efficiency. (example: 8€ for 50)

    How to create a coupon?

    • Send us the discount, minimum purchase and budget.
    • Rakupons are a « performance budgetted tool »: you are billed only with the Rakupons that are really used.

    Automatic R-Ads

    What are R-Ads?

    • R-Ads is an advertisment system on Rakuten-PriceMinister. Ads are automatically created by Rakuten-PriceMinister using all the products of you catalog, and these Ads are displayed on top of a search (“annonce sponsorisée” = R-Ads)
    • Each click on an ad costs you 0.15€. R-Ads uses a cost-per-click system: you set up a monthly budget for R-Ads, but you are invoiced only depending the clicks.

    Why use R-Ads?

    • To increase your sales. Example: if you conversion rate is 5%, and each product costs 100€, then it costs you 3€ to sell an item (20 clicks = 1 sale, 100 clicks = 5 sales)

    How to set up R-Ads?

    1. Click on « Rakuten Ads » on the left bar of your account
    2. Click on « Accéder à Rakuten Ads Automatique »
    3. Click on « J’ai compris et je souhaite créer ma campagne »
    4. Set a monthly budget
    5. Click on « Continuer »

    How to suspend or cancel an R-Ads campaign?

    • Once you are in your R-Ads tab, click on « Désactiver ma campagne »

    Rakuten Super Bons Plans (RSBP)

    What is RSBP?

    How to have your banner on RSBP page?

    • Set up an interesting offer and discuss with you e-commerce consultant


    • Why should I pay for these tools?

    The tools are designed to help you improve your sales. Remember these are all “performance tools”: you pay only what you use. You can allow 1000€ of budget for coupons or R-Ads, but if only 100€ is used, you will pay 100€.

    • Can my RSP (Rakuten Super Points) as a seller be cumulated with Rakuten-PriceMinister RSP campaigns?

    Yes! This is the reason why we invite you to put an RSP campaign when Rakuten-PriceMinister has its own RSP campaign. That way, the Super Points are added and it really boosts your sales!

    In this section, you will understand how to set a promotion campaign, weather it's for sales or any other occasion.

    Promotion campaigns


    Promotion campaigns

    Creating a campaign

    This is an instruction of how to create a Selection, Promotion and Sale campaign on Rakuten-PriceMinister.

    Please follow the link to create a campaign:
    Link to WebService to add listing through API:

    Thank you for watching.


    Adding products manually

    Adding items using CSV or text files

    Prepare your CSV file with SKUs (or Advert ID) and Promotion formula

    Your CSV or text file has to have 2 columns:

    • SKU (child reference) or advert ID
    • Promotion formula: Please insert the following formula with the same syntax in the 2nd column


    1. [@id:11026@pct:25]
    2. [@id:11026@np:30]

    Id: ID of the campaign (retrieve from campaign creation page)

    pct: discount %

    np: new price (discounted price)

    In case your product belongs to both a promotion campaign and selection of products campaign.

    Example: [@id:11026@np:60][@id:62011]

    Method 1 : Uploading from your back end

    Ask your account manager to create a profile for CSV or a text file.

    Method 2: Uploading from WebService

    Using Webservice is the easiest and the fastest way.

    • Scroll down the page to 8
    • Upload your prepared files

    • Promotions

      Regular package

      What does it include?

      • Skin search: 2 days anytime in the month
      • Skin category: 2 days anytime in the month
      • 1 newsletter: anytime in the month
      • Duration: 1 month
      • How much: 900€ ~ 1500€




      Seasonal promotion

      On Rakuten-PriceMinister, 3 types of campaigns are available during peak periods (Christmas, Sales, Back to School). If you are interested in, please contact your E-Commerce Consultant in order to set a seasonal promotion.

    In this section, you will find specific instructions and recommandations for all the Chinese sellers. We will help you unboard and successfully sell in our French marketplace!

    Unboarding requirements for Chinese sellers

    KYC procedure


    Unboarding requirements for Chinese sellers

    If you are a Chinese merchant, you have additional requirements to be able to sell on Rakuten-PriceMinister. Your shop will stay offline until all of those criteria are validated.

    1) You need to answer the survey that has been sent to you by mail.
    The mail looks like this:

    And the survey looks like this:

    Be aware that validation of the survey might take a few days.

    2) You need to upload at least 10 products in your shop.
    Please look at the “listing” tab for more information about uploading your catalog online:

    Please upload products in a correct way: good pictures (no text on it, white background, not blurry), title and description in French, and write in all the comments "Expédition depuis la Chine - Livraison sous 10 à 20 jours ouvrés” (“Shipping from China – 10 to 20 days”). This information is very important to limit claims of non-received products.

    On the first example below, there is no product comment at all, the listing here is wrong.

    On the second example below, there is a product comment in French, and mention about shipping delay.

    3) For registration, use a payment method different from Payoneer or Worldfirst:

    This account is for paying monthly subscription to Priceminister (debit) and CAN NOT be from WorldFirst or Payoneer. Of course, you can set up a Payoneer or Worldfirst account to receive money from your sales (credit).

    We advise you to switch to credit card. To do so, please follow the following instructions:

    1. Go to “Expédition et package pro”
    2. Scroll down and click on “espace de gestion de prélèvement”
    3. Click on “Basculer du paiement SEPA” and put your credit card information

    4) Put a personalized banner on your Superboutique:

    KYC procedure

    What is KYC?

    Know your customer (KYC) is the process of identifying and verifying the identity of our clients. It’s a requirement of French law.

    Why my KYC is not finished?

    There are 3 main reasons why your KYC is incomplete:

    • You did not send any document. In that case, please use your KYC link and provide the requested files,
    • You sent the documents but some have been rejected and you are asked to provide some documents again. In that case, please go again on your KYC link and send the requested files,
    • You sent the documents and they are currently being reviewed by our bank. In that case, please wait.

    Why my KYC is failing?

    Here are reasons why your KYC may have been rejected:

    • You provided wrong documents,
    • Your documents were incomplete: missing pages, date or signature for example,
    • Your documents were too blurry and/or dark (hard to read).

    How to successfully pass KYC procedure?

    Please read carefully the instructions and provide each missing document in the best possible way. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question.

    1) Identification document

    You can either submit:

    • Passport (护照), as these are the only government issued identification documents which contain both the PICTURE and the SIGNATURE of the holder.

    • Chinese ID (身份证), both sides on a white paper with signature, AND with a copy of utility bill (gas, electricity, fix phone etc).

    2) Articles of Incorporation (公司章程)

    This document should be signed and should contain all pages (usually more than 10) in 1 PDF file and also include the official stamp, date and signature. What we mainly need is a breakdown of the shareholders. Please find below the header of such a document:

    • For Chinese sellers:

    • For Hong-Kong sellers (Articles of Association = Articles of Incorporation) :

    3) Extract of Company Registration (企业信用信息公示报告)

    This document should be recent and include the official stamp. What we need in this article is the person(s) legally responsible for the company (Directors).

    • For Chinese sellers:
    • You need to provide us the complete PDF version of your company information from this website:
      Please find below the header of such a document:

    • For HK sellers:
    • NAR1 issued in 2017 has to be uploaded as Company registration document.

    4) Bank statement (银行对账单)

    We recommend you to upload a bank statement of WorldFirst or Payoneer.
    This must include:

    • BIC/IBAN
    • Name of the company (same company registered on Rakuten-PriceMinister)
    • Address
    • Recent transaction details (not mandatory but recommended)

    /!\ Please be very careful when submitting this file. Provide a clean, full bank statement, otherwise it is going to be rejected

    Below, you will find 2 examples of provided documents for bank statement:

    • The first one is not very clean and does not have name BIC/IBAN and name of the company,
    • The second one is very clean and has all the required documents


    As a Chinese seller, please be particularly careful on the following points:

    • Quality of your listing : refer to the quality tab ( Put delivery time in the comments to avoid claims, put clear titles and comments in good French to reassure the customer, etc.
    • Aftersales : answer to your customers when they open a claim and send you a message. The faster the better. If you do not handle your claims correctly, your shop can be closed and it is complicated to be back online.
    • Shipping : provide tracking numbers as soon as possible. For normal shipping, inform the customers that their order has been sent. Use reliable and rather fast carriers to avoid « non-received » claims as much as possible.

    Often, problems (shop closed, not many sales) occur because of one of these points.

    In this section, we introduce you the Merchant Quality Score (MQS), an algorithm we elaborated in order to encourage our merchants to improve their service quality.

    What is the Merchant Quality Score?

    The Merchant Quality Score (MQS) is an indicator that allows you to assess your quality thanks to several criteria that are linked to customer satisfaction, delivery strategy and catalog. The MQS has a direct impact on your visibility.

    You can ask from now your E-commerce Consultant to communicate your MQS by filling the form below:

    I want to know my MQS

    How does it work ?

    1) The scores
    An MQS final grade (A, B, C or D) is assigned to each merchant depending on the score obtained.

    For example, if you get a score of 13, your final grade will be equal to a B.

    2) Several criteria
    The final grade is affected by several criteria:
    1) Customer service

    - Claim rate (on the last 60 days)
    - Cancellation rate (pre- and post-order on the last 30 days)
    - Average grade (on the last 60 days)
    2) Shipping

    - Average grading time (on the last 30 days)
    - Delivery options (express, pick up) (on the last 30 days)
    - Delivery tracking (on the last 30 days)
    3) Pricing

    - Internet price competitiveness on Rakuten-PriceMinister (on the last 30 days)
    - Market price competitiveness (on the last 30 days)
    4) Catalog quality

    - Import success rate (on the last 30 days)
    - GTIN rates, images rates (on the last 30 days)
    - Detailed comments rate (on the last 30 days)
    3) Example of MQS grading
    Each criteria is assessed regarding the related average score of the product universe.
    In the example below, the first line gathers your results and the second one gathers the results related to the corresponding product universe average.
    In the example below, the merchant has a GTIN rate below the average in his product universe (shoes). Here is 69 % against 24% for the merchant. This score has an impact on his MQS grade and therefore on his visibility too.
    Legend :
    • Claim rate: number of claim/number total of sales (damaged article, non-compliant, not received, undefined or counterfeit)
    • Cancellation rate: number of cancellation/sales total (when the merchant cancels the transaction himself after accepting the payment in the first place)
    • Buyer grade: average of the obtained grades since the opening of his Super Boutique
    • Average grading time: average time spent between the date of order confirmation and the date of buyer’s grading
    • Tracking rate: number of products with tracking number/number total of sales
    • GTIN rate: number of GTIN filled/total number of catalog’s products.
    • Comment rate: number of detailed ads /total number of ads (state of the product, mean and delay of delivery, warranties and accessories supplied etc.)
    • Image rate: number of ads with image/total number of ads (pictures, videos etc)

    Why be a good pupil ?

    Your grade (A, B, C or D) will determine your rights and your access to the tools of Rakuten-PriceMinister.

    How to know my MQS?

    If you want to know your current MQS, you can ask your E-commerce Consultant to communicate to you and to find together actions and suggested improvements to optimize your grade (A, B, C or D).
    I ask for my MQS
    On longer-term, your MQS will be available on your space « Mon compte » and in your montlhy report.

    How to improve my MQS ?

    • Customer service
    Be Omotenashi (1) with your customers. Treat your customer relationship well in order to get a good grade.


    Keep a claim rate below 3% by paying attention to the quality of your parcel delivery.

    In case of claim, the refund has been implemented in order to :
    - solve your claims self-sufficiently
    - accelerate the closure of the claim in order to be paid quicker
    - improve your grading
    - win your customer’s loyalty


    Ban the cancellations, especially in retrospect!
    To do so, make sure your stock is up to date. If you need assistance in the import of your stock you can go on the developer website

    Keep your cancellations rate below 3%. Cancellation has to be an exception and so do ( rupture de stock )

    Ask your customers to give you a grade. Feel free to send them a message to urge them to give you this grade. Indeed, once the grade is given, Rakuten-PriceMinister considers that it is a quick delivery from you and you will therefore be paid earlier. If you have a flawless service, you should get a good grade.

    • Delivery strategy

    Work on your shipping delays and choose the express delivery

    - to differentiate yourself from others thanks to an additional service 
    - to diversify your shipping modes and reach as many customers as possible.
    - to considerably increase your sales

    Systematically add your delivery tracking (communicate on good tracking numbers) 85% of French people highlight the importance of tracking and 83% of them would like to check the tracking of their orders at least twice and 21% up to three times.(2)

    • Catalog quality

    Work on your detailed comments:
    Make the internet users want to buy in your shop and increase your conversion rate.

    - Insert HTML content to your detailed comments like pictures, charts, videos, animations
    - Have a clear, complete and attractive detailed comment: state of the product, shopping option and delay of delivery, warranties and accessories given if necessary
    - Highlight your product with qualitative pictures. 


    Work on your catalogs' success rate import  thanks to our advice.

    Don’t forget that if 25% of your catalog is not on Rakuten-PriceMinister, you are actually operating 75% of your potential sales.

    Aim the 100% of GTIN to be visible on Google Shopping and price comparison tools.

    If you are having issues to import your catalog, feel free to contact us on the following address:


    Your E-commerce Consultant is available to help you set a strategy up in order to improve your MQS grade. Ask him to call you back to discuss it by clicking on the link below:
    I improve my MQS grade