If you haven't accepted the order yet and that the item is temporarily out of stock, simply refuse the order:
Go to your account in the section "Toutes mes ventes" (All my sales) and select the desired article. Then, click on the link "Cliquez ici si l'article n'est plus disponible"(Click here if the item is no longer available).   If you already have accepted the order and you cannot fulfill it, you can cancel it by following these steps below :

  1. Go to the section "Toutes mes ventes" (All my sales) in your Priceminister account, then click on the desired article's number.
  2. Then click on the link "Annuler la vente de cet article", and type the reason for cancellation that will be addressed to the customer before validating.
  3.   Priceminister's Customer Service will be automatically notified of your request, and will proceed to refund the customer. Your payment will also be cancelled.   Please note : By accepting the order, you trigger automatically the credit card debit as well as an order confirmation e-mail sent to the customer.   In order to avoid such disagrements, it is important to maintain your stocks levels up to date regularly by suppressing any listing that you do not possess anymore or that you might have referenced in several numbers by mistake.

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