By using our customized product descriptions, you have the possibility to improve your listings with HTML content. This tool enables you to add more text, pictures, and videos of your products.   If you do not posess knowledge of HTML, Priceminister can provide you with a tool to create your own descriptions, without learning HTML !   To customize your product sheets and listings, click on "All my listings" ("Toutes mes annonces") in the tab "Inventory" ("Inventaire") of your dashboard. Then, choose the listing you want to customize and click on "Add a customized description" ("Ajouter une description personnalisée").   If you create your listings with CSV or TSV files or feeds, you can also integrate your HTML content in there. For assistance in using the tool, a dedicated FAQ and a user's notice are available here.   We also provide you with a video (in French only) which will teach you the different steps to follow for customization of your product sheets : View video here.

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