Rakuten Super Point

Enjoy a community of more than 1.5 million of Club Rakuten members, the most generous loyalty program in France, and offer Rakuten Super Point discounts to be more competitive

Rakuten Super Point benefits

Increase your visibility

Offer additional Rakuten Super Point so that your offers can appear on the "Promotion" page which generates a lot of traffic on our site. Your annoucements will also be featured on the product pages.

Boost your sales

By offering Rakuten Super Point, you give a discount to your buyers, without changing the product price displayed so you do not reduce your margin.

Control your budget

You are only charged for sales on your adverts with additional Rakuten Super Points. You can define a budget in advance and control your expenses.

A unique loyalty program

The Club Rakuten is the most generous loyalty program in France with operations up to 20% discount in Rakuten Super Point. It gathers a great community of more than 1.5 million members.

These Club members cumulate Rakuten Super Points with each purchase and can spend it from the next purchase on all platforms of our ecosystem.

A double bonus to stand out

Adverts are more popular with Rakuten Super Point offers. Generate more traffic on your adverts by offering additional Rakuten Super Point to potential buyers.

Imagine that you offer 10% discount in Rakuten Super Point on a day when Rakuten offers 20%, a member of the Club Rakuten selecting an item at 80 € in your shop will benefit from:

– 16 € of the amount financed by Rakuten

– 8 € discount thanks to your Rakuten Super Point campaign

Your customer will be reimburse a total discount of 24 € in Rakuten Super Point!

Control your budget

The number of discounts in Rakuten Super Point charged depends on sales made, so our solution works on performance only.

Set the discount percentage yourself, then modify and adapt it at any time. Also ask your E-Commerce Consultant for advice to set the right budget amount and adapt it for the best strategy.

Increase your visibility with the Rakuten Super Point

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