Rakuten Ads

Boost your visibility with our solution and pay only when customers click on your advert

Rakuten Ads benefits

Increase your visibility

Our solution is to maximize the visibility of your adverts when customers are looking for a product you offer.

Increase your sales

The highlighted adverts will generate more traffic and therefore more sales to increase your turnover.

Analyze your ROI

With the help of your E-Commerce Consultant, you can analyze the results of your campaigns and control your marketing costs.

Your products on the 1st position

Our solution works automatically with an algorithm that selects the right articles to highlight on our site.

If a potential buyer looks for a previously defined keyword, your product will appear first in the search results.

Cost-per-click (CPC)

Our solution works on performance with a cost-per-click system (0.20 cents / click).

The defined budget will never be exceeded and the campaign will stop as soon as the amount is reached.

The number of impressions is unlimited as long as the budget is not consumed!

Easy handling

30 seconds is the time required for our solution to put your products on thousands of relevant spots.

A simple and intuitive interface and no software to download, everything is done online on your browser.

Increase your sales thanks to the Rakuten Ads

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