In-Store pickup

Rakuten is the only retail partner marketplace in France to offer instore pick-up to boost digital and physical traffic

Instore pick-up benefits

Clients acquisition

Encourage your clients to come into your physical stores and let them discover the environment of your brand.

Increase the average basket

On average, the products withdrawn in stores have a higher value of 47%. Offer your buyers the ability to buy more expensive products in your shop.

Increase your sales

Boost your revenue with additional in-store sales and make them love your brand.

Attract new buyers

Do you have several stores in France? Enable the instore pick-up option and be more visible to buyers. When they look for a product on the platform, clients have the opportunity to localize the product of their choice by defining the desired physical perimeter.

Once the instore pick-up activated, your adverts will appear in the first search geolocalized results.

Submit products without shipping costs

Offer to your clients the possibility to collect their order directly in-store to benefit from products without paying shipping costs.

Do you sell bulky, heavy, fragile products? Simplify delivery and give your customers a free and convenient solution!

Enable this option with ease

This option is free and included in all subscription packs.

It can be activated on all of your adverts by your E-Commerce Consultant who will do it in a few clicks.

If you prefer to choose a selection of adverts with this option, go to your account and click on the section called “Toutes mes annonces” and then “Modifier l’annonce” on the one of your choice.

Increase your sales with the Instore pick up

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