Brand corner

Invite the visitors to discover your universe and personnalize the customer journey on our platform

Brand corner benefits

Only your brand

Control your corporate identity and customize your dedicated corner to your graphic charter.

Improve the customer experience

Dive your customers into the universe of your brand and customize your corner for maximizing your better conversion.

Highlight your best offers

Show off your top products, new and current offers to optimize your sales.

3 steps of customization

Use our tool to generate customized banners or import your own creations. Then choose the colors of your corner and organize the different modules in a few clicks according to your desires and events of the period.

Because we want our clients and our merchants to be as close as possible, and because the relationship of trust between our members is in our core strategy, we recommend to create a dedicated page for presenting your activity, your company.

Highlighting promotions

Take advantage of the sales events of the year and our many special operations to promote your best offers by putting it forward in your corner.

You can also communicate on your special operations (Rakupons, Rakuten Super Point etc.) to encourage customers to choose your products.

A free training video

In a few minutes, discover how to make your corner with a very playful video that includes tips and tricks to support you. You can also ask your E-Commerce Consultant for advice at any time.

Customize your brand corner from now on

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