Subscriptions adapted to your needs

Pro Absolute

499 € HT / month
  • Variable commission fee
  • from 5.0 % (vat excl.)

Pro Advanced

99 € HT / month
  • Variable commission fee
  • from 9.0 % (vat excl.)

Pro Classic

39 € HT / month
  • Variable commission fee
  • from 11.0 % (vat excl.)

Pro Absolute

Pro Absolute

Pro Absolute

Pro Absolute

Category A

PC, Electronics, Cellphones, Image and sounds, Music instruments, Tires, etc.





Category B

Music, Video, Video games, Sport, Fashion, Decoration, Leisure, Toys, Kids, Cosmetics, Wine and gastronomy, DIY, Gardening, Home, etc.





Category C

Books, Softwares, Stationary, Jewelry, Airsoft paintball, etc.





Category D

Computer appliances, Accessories (Audio, Video, Cellphone, Home appliances, Video games, telephony, Cars and bikes), Figurines, Arts, etc.





Category E

Plants, Sextoys, Electronic cigarettes, etc.





Fixed fees table

Our fees are adapted depending on the amount of the article sold.

Price of the product sold Fees (vat excl.)
per product sold
≤ 10 € 0.15 €
≤ 50 € 0.50 €
≤ 100 € 1.00 €
≤ 200 € 2.00 €
≤ 300 € 3.00 €
≤ 400 € 4.00 €
> 400 € 5.00 €

Benefit from free services included in your subscription

Unlimited adverts

An unlimited number of adverts for no additional charge.

Online training

An online training to learn how to use our visibility solutions and start your activity on Rakuten.

Commercial support

Support from our dedicated E-Commerce Consultants to help you improve your sales on the platform.

Technical support

Our technical teams are at your disposal to help you integrate your catalog and support you when needed.

Brand corner

Keep the control of your brand through a dedicated space on our platform where your products will benefit from outstanding visibility.

Click & collect

Get a new source of traffic in your physical stores and increase your additional sales with sales tips.

Communication on the best offers

Get additional visibility by positioning your products on the “Good deals” pages with high web traffic, on the dedicated newsletters, on the Rakuten Facebook page etc. activate a maximum of levers to get more web traffic.

Dedicated pro events

Participate for free to our events to help you increase your sales.

I create my account

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often am I paid?

The payments are withdrawn every Monday and Thursday. Then you have to wait a few days for the amount to appear on your bank statement (variable depending on the banks).

In the event of a public holiday, you will be paid on the following Monday or Thursday.

You have a choice between 2 options, the punctual payment (it is necessary to program the payment) or regular payment (to receive the fund regularly every Monday and Thursday).

How to change my subscription?

We only have non-biding subscription. You can change your subscription whenever you want on the section called “Expédition et package pro” of your account.

The modification will be taken into account immediately and will be applied on the following month.

In case of account closure, it takes effect at the end of the current month if it is carried out before the 20th day of the month and that day is neither a Saturday, nor a Sunday, nor a public holiday or off.

When am I charged?

The amount of the subscription fees is withdrawn by bank direct debit at the end of the month. All your subscription invoices are available in the section called “Mes services facturés” of your account.

For marketing tools such as Rakuten Super Point, Rakupons or Rakuten Ads, billing takes place the following month, depending on the performance of these tools.

How to change my bank details?

To change your bank details, log in to your account and click on the section called “Expédition et package pro” then go to your direct debits management area for at the bottom of the page.

Then click on “Accéder à votre espace de gestion de prélèvement” and on “Modifier mes informations”.

How do I get an invoice?

Your subscription invoices are available in the section called “Mes services facturés” on your account.

Your commission invoices are available in the section called “Mon porte-monnaie” by clicking on the lines called “Transfert des ventes” which interest you.

You can also generate from your account an Excel file summarizing your sales month by month for your accounting under the section called “Toutes mes ventes” then “Export comptabilité“. Each file contains details of all sales for the month in question and includes data fields, including VAT.

What is accelerated payment?

If you have subscribed to Advanced, Premium or Absolute pack, you will be able to benefit from the option called “Paiement accéléré”. It allows you to get the revenues of your sales even faster.

Receive your payments as soon as the sale is declared “shipped” (the tracking numbers then become mandatory for the “tracked” and “registered” modes).

Option available if you have been present for at least 3 months on the Rakuten platform with a Merchant Quality Score status A or B (contact your ECC for more information).