Rakuten Ecosystem

Rakuten Group’s mission is to contribute to society by

creating value through innovation and entrepreneurship.

By providing high-quality services that help our users and partners grow,

we aim to advance and enrich society.

To fulfil our role as a Global Innovation company,

we are committed to maximizing both corporate and shareholder value.

Contribute to society by creating value through innovation and entrepreneurship

Empowering people to realize their hopes and dreams, Embracing new thinking, Rakuten changes the world through innovation.

Global Innovation Company

At Rakuten, we drive disruptive innovation, Engaging knowledge, creativity and passion from around the world to achieve ambitious goals and help build communities in which people can pursue their dreams and live in happiness.

Welcome into the Rakuten Ecosystem

A worldwild ecosystem of services

Rakuten covers the entire digital world and activates its strengths through even greater synergies.


Some figures about Rakuten

A turnover of more than


billion euros

More than




billion members

Based in more than




With the passion of a start-up and the influence of a global leader, we're finding extraordinary new ways to disrupt markets and dazzle customers.
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Our sports partnerships

 At Rakuten, we believe that sports and entertainment have the power to bring people together and unite the world by transcending language, cultural and regional barriers.

Through innovation and teamwork, our partnerships in these fields allow us to have a meaningful, positive impact — empowering, inspiring, and fulfilling the dreams of so many around the globe.